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Nokia announces further upgrades for Windows Phone 7

Nokia announces further upgrades for Windows Phone 7
Nokia sticking by older customers

Kevin Shields has confirmed that new functionality will be coming to the likes of the Lumia 900.

With the launch of the Nokia Lumia 920 came a number of technological enhancements, through both software and hardware.

Nokia's senior vice president Shields talked through the new apps, which include the ability to erase unwanted objects from photos, and then gave hope to those who shelled out for a Nokia earlier this year: "We'll be shipping versions of the technology to current devices."

But what will it be?

However, he didn't confirm which apps would be making it through to the older phones, though the likes of City Lens (which uses augmented reality to give info on restaurants and retail outlets) and the object removal tool are primed to make the move backwards through the range.

There might be a question mark over whether some phones will be able to handle such functionality though – in our interview with Nokia's Marko Argenti he confirmed that the dual core chip is necessary to handle tasks like erasing unwanted elements from photos.

But this does re-confirm Nokia's strategy to not leave any Windows Phone user behind – along with Windows Phone 7.8, this builds on Nokia's pledge to supply the likes of DLNA support to older phones and will undoubtedly go some way to placating those that bought into the Nokia/Windows Phone deal and then found they couldn't get an upgrade to the software.