New video leaks show off three new iPhones and Lightning EarPods

Three iPhone mock-ups
Two iPhones or three?

As September inches closer and closer, barely a day goes by without some rumour or other surfacing, and we've got a couple of freshly leaked videos for you this weekend: one focusing on the iPhones and one on the EarPods.

The first clip (below) seems to have come from a Japanese iPhone reservation store, via a Dutch tech blog, and shows not one, not two, but three iPhones ready for launch. These don't claim to be the real deal - they're marked as mock-ups - but they lend credence to the rumour there's going to be an iPhone 7, an iPhone 7 Plus, and an iPhone 7 Pro.

That's a rumour we've heard before once or twice but the latest feeling was there would be two handsets as normal rather than three. Now it would seem the plan for three separate models is back on the table, though it's still speculation at this point.

Our second clip (below) focuses on the Lightning EarPods we've been hearing about - word on the Apple street is that the iPhone 7 phones will ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack, so you're going to need a new set, and Apple appears happy to oblige.

The headphone jack rumour is one that feels like it's been around ever since the iPhone 6S first appeared on the scene, and most recently we'd heard that Apple was working on wireless buds that stream music over Bluetooth. Maybe these wired ones are a stopgap until the cable-free versions are ready.

We can't say for certain how big a grain of salt should be taken with either of these clips, but they do come through reputable sources, and they do make sense in the context of all the speculation we've heard about Apple's 2016 iPhones so far. In a month or so, we should know for certain.

David Nield
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