New HTC One spied from more angles

New HTC One spied from more angles
Will there be any surprises left?

As HTC's March 25 event rapidly approaches we're seeing more leaks of the rumoured new HTC One, and the latest report shows us the device from multiple angles.

The device in the picture is sitting alongside the larger HTC One Max, and there's a clear gulf in size between the two.

The 6-inch phablet dwarfs the supposedly new HTC One which is thought to be sporting a full HD screen around the 5-inch mark.

Maxing out

These images were picked up by French site nowhereelse after being spotted on social network Weibo, and a point to note is the location of the headphone jack which has been moved from the top to the base of the device.

New HTC One - LEAK

Headphone port placement (credit: Weibo)

Those twin camera lenses we've been hearing so much about also make it onto the rear of the device, as does the China Mobile and 4G LTE logos.

There's potentially good news for storage fans, as there appears to be a tray slot on either side of the handset - one of which may possibly house microSD capabilities.

New HTC One - LEAK

One for storage fans? (credit: Weibo)

Of course this could be a dual-SIM variant of the new HTC One, but we're now only a couple of weeks away from finding out all the information.

New HTC One - LEAK

Ports on both sides (credit: Weibo)
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