Motorola planning 20 new smartphones for 2010

Motorola - 2010 will be a big year
Motorola - 2010 will be a big year

Motorola appears to be ready to capitalise on the demi-success of its Dext and forthcoming Droid phone by releasing another 20 handsets in 2010.

After what seems like years in the mobile wilderness, Motorola is now claiming that 2010 will be a big year for its smartphone push, with CEO Sanjay Jha quoting 'multiple tens' when asked on how many phones Moto is planning next year, and firming that to at least 20 when pushed.

Interestingly, the company is well documented in having said it will be focusing only on Android and Windows Mobile in the future, so how the split will be made will give us an idea on which customer segment the firm is after.

With Google already stating that it expects 18 Android phones to be released by the end of 2009, a target that seems like it will be hard to hit with only eight or so released thus far.

Android effort

Which means a bigger push is likely to happen in 2010, and Motorola could be a main component of that Android effort.

And on the Windows Mobile front - is the brand developing WinMo 6.5 phones or will it wait until the next version (Windows Mobile 7) comes out in 2010?

Speaking to other manufacturers this year, we've heard that some would have preferred to wait until WinMo 7, but the delays forced them to jump in a little earlier.

However, given Motorola's baby steps after its re-birth, could it wait until the next version (which is supposedly pretty awesome)?

Either way - 20 new phones means lots more choice for the consumer, and we can only applaud that (unless they're rubbish, of course).

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