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Motorola Atrix Android 2.3 update in testing

The Motorola Atrix finally set for UK Gingerbread update
The Motorola Atrix finally set for UK Gingerbread update

Motorola Atrix users of the UK will be pleased to finally have some good news regarding their dual-core handsets: an update is in the works.

TechRadar has spoken to Everything Everywhere, the parent company for the two networks, and a spokesperson has told us that the update is currently being tested and will hopefully land on phones in the next few weeks.

The spokesperson was understandably reticent to give us an exact Motorola Atrix Gingerbread UK release date, but did say that once the testing was complete it would take around a fortnight to appear on the Motorola servers for users to download.

Appeasing the masses

Forums have been veritably groaning under the wait of complaints from users angry at being stuck on Android 2.2 - Motorola originally told TechRadar of its 'desire' to get the Gingerbread software out to UK and US users simultaneously.

However, the US has been enjoying the next-gen OS for a while, where the UK has been waiting to hear when it will be given the update.

We'd anticipate that the Orange and T-Mobile update will take another couple of weeks or so if past performance is anything to go by, which would mean a mid-September release for the software.

Motorola Atrix users - is this update too late or do you not think Android 2.3 will change the phone that much? Let us know over on our Atrix Gingerbread update forum thread.

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