Moto buy was an opportunity like YouTube: Google CEO

Moto buy was an opportunity like YouTube: Google CEO
Motorola - a key deal

Google's Larry Page has compared the purchase of Motorola to the multi-billion purchase of YouTube, insisting that it is the kind of risk which the internet giant should be looking to take.

Google splashed out $12.5 billion for Motorola Mobility, not only picking up a mass of key patents in the mobile phone arena, but also a well established hardware company to boot.

Asked at Google Zeitgeist as to whether this represented a new era of risk taking for the cash-rich company, CEO and co-founder Page indicated that the deal was hugely significant and represented a hug opportunity.


"I think as a company we have always strived to make investment," said Page. "Remember when we did the YouTube acquisition…that was a very large acquisition at the time and I think ended up being an amazing acquisition.

"So I think we have always strived to take those kinds of risks and identify those opportunities. That's why we get paid, is to do that, so I don't see it as particularly different.

"But I think we're really excited about the opportunities in mobile. And you can see that with the tremendous growth of Android and so on."

The full repercussion of the Moto deal has yet to be fully realised, but big things are expected from Google's purchase, in mobile, television and, of course, in the patent legal cases.

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