More Amazon Fire Phones are coming - whether we want them or not

Amazon Fire phone
Still burning

It looks like some people just don't take no for an answer, with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos hinting that we may be getting new versions of the Amazon Fire Phone.

The question is why? The first Amazon Fire Phone was widely considered a flop, with Bezos himself acknowledging that it fell flat.

Our review was also less than glowing, pointing out the high price and unintuitive user experience as two major faults of the device.


While we wouldn't blame Amazon for cutting its losses with the Amazon Fire Phone (which are currently $170 million) and moving on, it looks like the online retailer is going to press on with its smartphone offering.

Talking at Business Insider's conference in New York, Bezos said that he wouldn't judge the success of the Fire Phone just yet, and instead "it's going to take several iterations" before we get an idea of how the Fire Phone performed.

This is the strongest hint yet that Amazon is pressing ahead with new versions of the smartphone. The first Fire Phone might not have been a hit, but sometimes you have to make some mistakes before you get something right.

Bezos pointed out that his previous websites were less than successful, as proof that one failure shouldn't put an end to your ambitions. ""I have made billions of dollars of failures at … literally... You might remember or Kozmo." and Kozmo might not have set the online world on fire, but if Bezos had quit there we wouldn't have had Some might claim that wouldn't be a bad thing, but you can't deny that the internet would be a very different place without it.

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