LG GD910 Watch Phone: first impressions

LG's new watch phone has arrived, for millionaire Trekkies everywhere!
LG's new watch phone has arrived, for millionaire Trekkies everywhere!

UPDATE: we've now published our full, in-depth LG Watch phone review

LG's watch-phone is finally here and we've had some 'wrist-on' time with it today. Read on for our first impressions of this Trekkies' wet-dream gadget.

And if you have a spare £500 kicking around the place, then you too could be impressing the ladies in your local with LG's new watch phone in no time at all.

Well, we say 'impressing' but what we really mean is 'baffling with nerd magic'. And we have to warn you that most of the ladies that we've already tried to impress with our new watch have been, well, more baffled than impressed.

LG watchphone

No worries. We plough on regardless, because we realise that you want to know whether or not your hard-earned is worth spunking on yet another new gadget.

In this case, it is. Providing (and this is important) you are a millionaire with more money than sense and little sense of self-awareness or self-respect.


Providing you tick all those boxes, you will be over the moon with LG's latest high-tech gimmick.

LG's watch phone went on sale at the Orange shop at Bond Street Station in London this morning. A fair few people turned up and actually queued for it, although most pretended they were buying it for someone else, they were that ashamed.


Tech-wise, you are looking at a 14mm thin device that contains a splashproof 1.43-inch screen, for ease of video calling.

The phone also uses LG's most advanced voice recognition and synthesis technologies according to LG's press bumf. However, when Holly shouted 'call Gareth' at her wrist, we waited for five pregnant seconds of anticipation and then…

Nothing happened… Other than howls of laughter from everyone else in the office and a very red Holly face.


And if you are STILL keen and fancy a trip to a virtual newsroom, then check out Orange's UK press release. It even has a video.

Adam Hartley