LG enters VR race with a headset that connects to the G5


LG has just announced its brand new G5 flagship phone with a removable battery, full metal uni-body and a fingerprint sensor – but some of the most exciting stuff comes in the form of the new G5 accessories.

LG is taking on virtual reality with a headset called the 360 VR that is slimmer than its competitor Samsung Gear VR, and according to LG is a third of the weight at 117g.

You can plug in your LG G5 via USB-C but it doesn't need to be slotted into the headset directly. Inside the headset is a 1.88-inch 720p display that offers a huge 639ppi resolution.

LG also has a 360 camera so you can film VR photos and videos to then show off on the headset. It features two 13MP cameras on the front and rear so you can take 200-degree photos or video and stitch them together to give a full 360 effect.

Plenty of choice

The headset runs on a 1,200mAh battery that LG claims will allow for up to 70 minutes of constant video recording.

Possibly the biggest surprise from LG is the announcement of its new rolling robot, designed to help protect your home and keep an eye on your pets while you're away.

It features an 8MP camera on the front so you can monitor your home through the LG Friends app – plus it also has two infrared sensors so you can turn on devices such as heating, TV or air conditioners remotely.

There's even a microphone and speaker so you can talk to people at home – or play some really elaborate pranks.

LG also has a number of accessories just for the G5 including modular packs to put into its removable battery slot.

These include the LG Cam Plus, which features a more comfortable grip for when taking photos, and the LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play, which offers higher quality sound at close to 32-bit Hi-Fi DAC quality.

James Peckham

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