Is Samsung's Clear View case damaging the S6 and S6 Edge?

Clear View case
The Clear View cover: causing scratches.

If you've just shelled out several hundred pounds for a nice new Samsung phone, and bought the official Clear View case to boot, then the last thing you want to be seeing are marks and scratches on the screen of your new toy.

Yet that's exactly what's being reported on this lengthy thread on the XDA Developers forums. One disgruntled shopper says his S6 Edge display is now "full of scratches" while another says his brand new phone now "looks dreadful".

They're not the only ones. Efforts to get in touch with Samsung for an official response have proved fruitless, but if this does become a major issue then the South Korean outfit might have a lot of refunds to handle.

Gotta scratch them all

It appears that the hard cover of the Clear View case - designed to protect your phone from harm - isn't quite snug enough to fit the front of the S6 and S6 Edge. Any microscopic bits of dust and dirt that get under it are then causing scratches and blemishes on the display.

Or at least that's the theory. Until Samsung responds we don't know exactly what's going on, but based on the feedback we've seen from users we'd recommend holding off on a Clear View cover for now, or at least fitting an additional screen protector.

The Clear View cover is a good-looking bit of kit but even the reviews on Samsung's own site are starting to reflect the problems with it. Watch out if you already own one as it might be doing more harm than good.

Via PhoneArena

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