iPhone Wi-Fi weighing scales launched

The Connected Scale for the iPhone (with accompanying iPhone app) releases to help you manage your weigh-loss

"Where's the fun in weighing scales?" games journalists were heard to mock and moan when Nintendo first unveiled Wii Fit back at E3 2009.

Two years later, with the fact that Miyamoto's glorified interactive yoga board has become one of the hottest, must-have gaming gadgets (and is still flying off the shelves), it's clear where the fun is.

Which is where these new Wi-Fi enabled iPhone-compatible scales come into the equation, because where there is a lucrative bandwagon there are always a bunch of imitators desperate to jump onboard!

The Connected Scale

As well as featuring a wireless internet connection the Connected Scale from Withings can send its findings to a website and companion iPhone app (natch!) to help users track their weight-loss programme over time, in the shape of a nice declining line-graph (well, you hope its declining…).

Slightly worrying-sounding is the fact that the Connected Scale can work out your fat percentage by shooting a small charge of electricity through your feet.

The Connection Scale retails for €130 (£112). You can order one or see more over at Withings' Product page and grab the iPhone Application from iTunes.