iPhone 7 Pro could be delayed until 2017 with an all-glass makeover

iPhone 6S Plus

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the iPhone 7 is whether we'll get an iPhone 7 Pro, slotting in above the iPhone 7 Plus. This was set to have a dual-lens camera and a Smart Connector, but according to the latest leaks it's now been scrapped.

Or rather the iPhone 7 Pro name has been scrapped, as according to a source speaking to Nikkei: "Initially, Apple had planned two versions of iPhone 7 Plus, one with a single lens and one with a dual lens. The single lens edition has since been ditched."

So it sounds like we might still get the phone that was going to be called the iPhone 7 Pro, but that it will be taking the place of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Apparently the decision to ditch the third model is down to weaker than expected sales for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus in the face of competition from the likes of Samsung and Huawei.

Glass half full

But the 'Pro' name might be brought back in 2017, with the iPhone 7S Pro, or whatever Apple ends up calling it, complete with a glass casing, which Foxconn (a major manufacturing partner for Apple) has supposedly been working on for a year.

It's long been rumored that Apple will be heavily redesigning the iPhone in 2017 for its ten year anniversary and a glass casing would certainly be a big change. It's also one we've heard before, but may only be coming to one of Apple's 2017 handsets, so the iPhone 7S Pro would be the obvious choice, allowing it to truly stand out from the rest of the range.

It also ties into rumors that the entire front of a future iPhone will be glass, with the Touch ID sensor embedded into the display, which would make for an even bigger change.

Alongside a glass case it's previously been rumored that the iPhone 7S will switch from an LCD to an OLED screen. That could lead to a brighter display with better contrast, comparable to what you'll see on Samsung phones like the Galaxy Note 7.

If Apple really does have all this planned then you might want to think twice about upgrading this September, but for now it's just rumors and with more than a year to go before we see this glass phone anything could happen, even if it's currently in the works. The apparent last minute cancellation of the iPhone 7 Pro is proof of that.

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