iPhone 5 could arrive in September despite battery problems

iPhone 5 could arrive early in September
We could see the iPhone 5 sooner than expected

Apple may be planning on releasing the iPhone 5 a month earlier than expected, with a September launch on the cards.

We saw the iPhone 4S launch in mid-October last year, which broke the traditional cycle of the June/July launches of previous iPhones, and the Cupertino-based firm could well be about to shake things up once again.

Chinese site Sina published a report that was picked up by analyst Brian White, of Topeka Capital Markets, predicting the sixth generation of iPhone would be launched in September but hinting that the end of August could also be a possible date.

Possible battery issues

White went on to reveal that just 30% of batteries produced for Apple were meeting the firm's high standards, which he believes puts the August date in doubt.

"If there is a battery challenge, we trust that Apple will be able to figure it out in time for a September launch," said White.

It's still unclear what Apple will pack into the iPhone 5, but we reckon a beefed up processor, bigger screen and NFC technology are highly likely.

We're not sure exactly where Sina.com is getting its information - possibly from one of the battery vendors concerned - so we recommend a pinch of salt be taken with it (as is ever the case with Apple rumours).

Apple's potential decision to launch the iPhone 5 in September may be in reaction to rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 predicting a launch in the same month.

From Sina via Apple Insider

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