Instagram's new music feed showcases bands, artists and fans

Instagram @music
Instagram has a new @music feed.

Instagram's getting into music - sort of. The filtered photo-sharing app beloved by millions today launched a @music account which it says will be "exploring music, those who create it, and the community around it in a very visual way".

"@music will cover all facets of the musical experience: from stars to up-and-comers; from session players to the most passionate fans; from instruments to lyrics, the studio to the stage," explains Instagram.

There will be six posts a week from the new feed, featuring such categories as #LocallySourced (unsigned acts), #DoubleTrack (artists' interests outside of music) and #15SecondLessons (brief music tutorial videos). It's the first time Instagram has launched an official account besides its own.

Sounds about right

And why is Instagram focusing on music all of a sudden? It says one quarter of its most popular accounts are run by musicians, and it wants to try and tap into the passion of that community.

The channel is going to be complemented by occasional posts on the official Instagram blog, such as this one on drummer and DJ Questlove. Presumably only musicians who are heavy Instagram users are going to get featured, though.

Photographers, illustrators and fans will also get a look in, according to CEO Instagram founder Kevin Systrom. Point your Instagram account at and click Follow if you want to follow along and see what the new feed has in store.

Official Instagram artwork via @jaredeberhardt

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