Google Sync gets a few more months on Windows Phone

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Google Sync just received a stay of execution, at least for Windows Phone.

Today was supposed the be the deadline for Google to stop allowing new users to put their devices on the Sync service. For most users that will be true, but according to an announcement from Microsoft, Windows Phone users will still be able to sign up for the service for at least a few more months.

Though Google Sync won't be around forever, the search engine will now start the phase out July 31, 2013. And this time, Google means it.

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The service allowed users to sync their Windows devices to Google Mail, Calendar and Contacts through the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol.

Last December, Google announced it was going to stop Sync as a part of a winter cleaning, when it eliminated some of its less popular services. Back then, the company said it wouldn't allow any new devices to sign up for the service after the Jan. 30 deadline, though it would continue to support it for those who have already signed up.

According to Google, the service will be discontinued partly because ActiveSync has become obsolete as the search giant developed more open protocols:

"With the launch of CardDAV, it's now possible to build a seamless sync experience using open protocols (IMAP, CalDAV and CardDAV) for Gmail, Google Calendar and Contacts," a Google spokesperson said in statement sent to TechRadar.

"We'll start rolling out this change as planned across all platforms but will continue to support Google Sync for Windows Phone until July 31, 2013."

But after July, Windows Phone users will still be able to sync their devices to those Google services. That's because Microsoft is building new support into Google's software to operate with the more open CardDAV and CALDAV protocols.

After that, ActiveSync and Google Sync will skip off into the sunset.