Google Maps takes UK's 'most used connected app' crown

Google Maps - proving popular
Google Maps - proving popular

Google Maps is the most used app in the UK, according to latest figures, with 6.4 million people using the application.

It's no surprise that Google Maps is used by millions, being that it is the go-to app for those who need to find out where to go but it seems it does not have any real rivals in the connected app market.

While Yahoo sits in second place (it supplies info to the iPhone's weather widget), it is only used by 3.6 million users – nearly half the amount that loaded up Google Maps in April.

Facebook is a close third, with its app used by 3.5 million people.

Google V Sky

These stats come from a relatively new partnership between ComScore and GSMA, which measures mobile data use in the UK.

If you were to count in the amount of people that have accessed Facebook through its mobile site, then this service would be way ahead. 9.1 million people accessed the mobile site in April – couple this with the app and had12.6 million people access the site through its mobile portals.

Other than Google, which had four apps in the top 20 (Google Maps, Google Mobile, YouTube and Google Earth), Sky was the most popular app provider, with Sky News, Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre, Sky Sports and Sky+ all in the top 20.

Google Maps is also one of the shortlisted apps in the TechRadar Phone Awards 2011, which you can vote for by heading over to

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