First Nokia Windows Phone handsets to get 2011 release

Nokia's latest Windows Phone concept
Nokia's latest Windows Phone concept

After the bombshell dropped by Nokia on Friday announcing that it will partner with Microsoft to make Windows Phone handsets, you'd be forgiven for wondering why they'd bother having a press conference at Mobile World Congress this week.

After all, the big news has been broken, so what more is there to say?

The most exciting thing addressed by CEO Stephen Elop and head of smart devices, Jo Harlow, at Nokia's pre-Mobile World Congress press conference was when we can expect to see the first fruits of the partnership.

Ten months to get a phone out

Harlow explained, "While we can't show you a physical product today, our goal is to be able to do that very soon. With our innovation in design and hardware, we are going to make great products; and we've already started. Our technical teams are working with Microsoft right now to solidify timing of the first Nokia Windows Phone product.

"So I can't tell you when; but my boss has told me he would be much happier if that time was in 2011."

The boss is, of course, Stephen Elop – and put aside that slightly sinister undertone of what will happen to Harlow and her team if that first handset isn't out in 2011, it sounds very likely that we'll see a Nokia Windows Phone this year.

After the leak of some concept drawings of Nokia/Windows handsets, the company also showed off another, claiming that it shows off how 'fun' the partnership can be.

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