ESPN: Our mobile sites are UK's most popular for sport

ESPN is UK's most popular sport mobile site
ESPN is pretty darn popular on mobiles

ESPN claims fans in the UK spend more time on its mobile sites than rival commercially-funded sites, beating the likes of Sky Sports.

According to the sports channel, in 2011 users spent on average 158 minutes per month on its mobile sites, compared to just 17 minutes per month on Sky Sports' mobile sites.

ESPN's mobile sites also clocked up over 67.5 million page views on average per month over the last six months up to the end of March, which it states is more than any other commercially-funded sporting site - although the BBC and Sky Sports can claim more unique users per month.

App attack

Mobile traffic is a difficult area to monitor fully though - the proliferation of apps (with hard-to-measure user counts) means many are looking to standalone programs to get their sporting fix, which is why other publishers, such as Sky, are plugging so much cash into developing dedicated apps for platforms.

ESPN is getting involved too, also preparing to launch its Cricinfo iPad app in June/July, roll out is new ESPNFC channel, including a mobile app, for the start of the Euro 2012 competition and refresh its ESPN Goals app for the start of the new football season.

The ESPN Goals app has, since becoming a free app, seen, huge numbers in terms of downloads - almost 2.5m people have nabbed the software on the likes of iOS, Android and Windows Phone for free goal videos.

Do you use the ESPN apps, or do you prefer the offerings from other companies? Let us know your thoughts about the apps in the comment box below.

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