Apple to expand iPhone 6 NFC beyond Apple Pay?

Apple to expand iPhone 6's NFC uses beyond Apple Pay
Ticket to ride?

Apple was late to the game in bringing NFC to the iPhone, but when it did it was alongside the fully realised mobile payment platform that is Apple Pay.

However, a new report from The Information suggests Apple is currently shopping around for other avenues to explore with the NFC technology inside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Two such examples include building security and public transportation. The report states that Apple is already in communication with HID Global and Cubic - companies that develop building keycards and transit fare systems respectively.

According to the report: "Spokespeople for the companies declined to comment about any discussions with Apple, but executives there discussed how they could integrate their systems with the iPhone."

Pay it forward

Historically, Apple has always had strong partnerships in place before moving forward with any new technology. Think of the record companies for iTunes, the car manufacturers for CarPlay and credit card companies for Apple Pay.

A good indicator of the validity of this claim is the fact that Apple has already struck up a partnership with Starwood Hotels that will allow guests to use an Apple Watch rather than a hotel keycard to access their rooms. However, this uses Bluetooth rather than NFC to operate.

Apple Pay has already been met with some resistance but the Cupertino company is obviously forging ahead with its plan to make the iPhone the centrepoint of your daily routine.