Apple's iPhone 7 could imitate Samsung with this new feature

iPhone 6S
Apple's next phone could be all about the OLED

With the iPhone 6 Apple pushed the display size up to 4.7 inches, allowing it to better compete with large Android phones. Now with the iPhone 7 it looks like the tech giant could be taking another leaf out the same book.

According to ETNews, Apple is getting OLED display samples from Samsung, which could be used in the iPhone 7. The Apple Watch already has an OLED screen and there have been rumours that Apple would equip the iPhone 7S with one, but it seems it could be moving up its schedule.

It's not a done deal yet, but supposedly Apple is expected to make a decision in November as to whether to switch to OLED screens for the iPhone 7 or stick with LCD ones.

A move to OLED would give the iPhone 7 one more similarity to certain Android phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Contrasting technologies

The key difference between the two is that while LCD displays use a backlight to light up their pixels, OLED pixels create light on their own. That has practical implications, often leading to a greater contrast ratio on OLED and allowing it to deliver true blacks, as it can completely turn off pixels.

On the other hand, an LCD display can theoretically achieve a higher level of brightness across the whole screen.

Exactly what difference a change in display type would make for the iPhone 7 remains to be seen, but to get an idea you could always take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 with its crisp whites and pure blacks.

If the iPhone 7 does have an OLED screen then Samsung and Apple will be closer matched than ever, yet with the display likely being made by Samsung they'll also be strengthening their business relationship.

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