Apple Music has finally landed on Android

Apple Music on Android

You can finally download Apple Music to your Android handset or tablet: the app is available on Google's Play Store today.

It's available in most regions, though not China, and there are some features missing on Android that are available in the iOS version – most notably music videos and the choice to sign up for a family plan.

According to the app listing on Google Play, the Apple Music app is currently in open beta, noting that music videos will be coming in the future, as will an optimized sign-up process for Android.

As for signing up for an Apple Music family plan, you'll need a Mac or iOS device to get things started right now, though this will likely change before the beta ends, according to Apple's Eddy Cue, who spoke to TechCrunch about the beta launch on Android.

Rival on the same platform

As for the features you do get with the open beta of Apple Music on Android, you still have Beats 1 radio, Connect, custom music suggestions and the ability to access any music you've bought through iTunes with your Apple ID.

As for the app itself, Apple Music looks pretty much the same on Android as it does on iOS, but it has been designed as a native app for Android, meaning the menu (including the hamburger icon) will be there, along with the share icons and menu structure optimized for Android as well.

This is the first proper Apple app to land on Android that offers up content, with the other being Move to iOS.

According to Cue, the Apple Music app will include a feedback button during the beta period on Android, so you'll be able to tell Apple exactly what you think of it on the rival platform.