Apple issues iPhone temperature warning

Users reporting problems with iPhone 3GS battery life and issues with overheating

Apple faces a potential PR disaster, following its advice to iPhone owners to not use their new 3GS smartphones at temperatures over 35 degrees.

Which means those lucky enough to live in slightly hotter climes than us Brits might need to ensure they only use their iPhones when safely in the shade!

Apple issued the latest iPhone 3GS guidelines this week telling users to only operate their phone "in a place where the temperature is between 0 and 35 degrees."

Overheating, poor battery life

The advice from Apple follows numerous reports of iPhone 3GSs overheating, with some owners of the white iPhone 3GS claiming that the casing has turned pink due to the problem.

"My iPhone 3GS back gets somewhat warm when playing a few mins of games. Is this normal?" Asks one user on Apple's online forums, with a number of other users posting about similar problems.

A number of other users have posted about battery life issues with their new iPhone 3GSs.

"My guess is there's going to be a whole lot of batteries affected because these [iPhones] are from very large production runs," Aaron Vronko of iPhone repair outfit Rapid Repair, told The Telegraph.

"If you have a problem in the design of a series of batteries, it's probably going to be spread to tens of thousands [of device], if not hundreds of thousands, and maybe more."

TechRadar has contacted Apple for further comment on this problem.

Via Telegraph