A wealth of content at your fingertips with the Xperia Z

A wealth of content at your fingertips with the Xperia Z
Your eyes and ears are in for a treat.

The Sony Xperia Z doesn't just give you the ultimate viewing experience and top notch performance, it also offers up a vast library of content and services to keep you thoroughly entertained.

Whatever your vice may be, from movies to music, downloads and steaming the Xperia Z has you covered from head to toe.

With a vivid 5-inch full HD display, powerful 1.5GHz quad-core processor, slick Android Jelly Bean operating system and optimised 2,400mAh battery the Xperia Z is ready, are you?

Music Unlimited

The Music Unlimited app is preinstalled on the Sony Xperia Z and gives you access to millions of songs which you can stream direct to the handset with no ads to worry about – plus there's a 60 day free trial for you to enjoy.

You can easily create playlists and store songs for offline listening, and thanks to Sony's wealth of entertainment devices you can access your music on your PlayStation 3, tablet, Smart TV, laptop and computer as well as on the Xperia Z.

New Walkman app

Those of you who already own vast music libraries aren't left out on the Xperia Z, with the handset the first to feature the new Sony Walkman app.

An improvement on the already excellent application the intuitive program allows you to manage playlists, stream tunes and simply enjoy listening to your favourite tracks with ease.

There's also the option to listen to a plethora of internet radio stations (internet connection permitting) through the app, opening up even more music genres to your wanting ears.

Sound Enhancement

The Sony Xperia Z makes listening to your favourite songs even more pleasant thanks to the inclusion of the xLoud technology built into the handset.

xLoud increases the volume of the internal speaker, or output via the 3.5mm connection while maintaining audio quality meaning you won't experience the distortion you get from rival phones.

As well as improving your bass beats the xLoud technology also comes into play with video playback and voice calls, meaning you always get the ultimate audio experience however you use the Sony Xperia Z.

Video Unlimited

Video Unlimited is your ticket to the best on demand entertainment from the latest hit movies to TV shows from major networks with SD, HD, and 3D options available – plus you can choose to either rent or buy depending on your budget.

Thanks to the super-crisp 5-inch HD display on the Sony Xperia Z and the Mobile Bravia Engine 2 technology you're given the ultimate viewing experience and you'll find yourself immersed in the action.

Storage isn't a problem either, with a generous 16GB of internal memory in the Xperia Z complimented by the addition of a microSD card slot allowing you to expand the collection you carry in your pocket.

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