75% of Google and Apple apps will work on Firefox OS

75% of Google and Apple apps will work on Firefox Mobile OS
Firefox Mobile OS could get app happy thanks to HTML 5

Applications are big business in today's smartphone market and if Mozilla is to succeed with its Firefox Mobile OS then it will have to offer customers a decent selection of apps as part of the package.

Speaking to TechRadar, Carlos Domingo, Product and Innovation Director at Telefonica revealed some interesting survey results which showed Firefox Mobile OS should be OK when it comes to apps.

Domingo said; "results from our survey showed that over 75% of all apps in Google Play and the Apple AppStore are written in HTML 5, which makes them really easy to port over to Firefox."

Browser apps add to offering

As the Firefox Mobile OS is a web-based HTML 5 platform, any developers who currently have browser-based applications will find that they work seamlessly on the system.

Good news for those of you who are partial to a bit of social networking, as Facebook is just mere weeks away from polishing off its HTML 5 offering, and it, along with Twitter, will be deeply integrated into the Firefox Mobile OS.

Mozilla is currently building its own market place for apps, so fingers crossed developers see the potential of the easy switch over to the HTML 5 platform, because if Firefox Mobile fails to attract them it could find itself dead in the water.

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