Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro, Vibe Band VB10 wearable make CES debuts

The Vibe X2 Pro is multi-layered and multi-colored

Lenovo is feeling the vibe at CES 2015, outing a new phone, wearable and selfie-flash accessory.

The Vibe X2 Pro phone joins Lenovo's current Vibe phone family. The full-metal-back handset features the same layered design as the Vibe X2, and the stacks of color offer up a unique look.

For specs, the Vibe X2 Pro doesn't disappoint. Its 5.3-inch screen is billed as outdoor viewing-friendly, and a 64-bit Snapdragon octa-core 615 1.5GHz processor powers the device.

The $499 (about £325, AU$616) phone falters in that it only runs Android 4.4, but there's a little compensation with auto-focus front and rear cameras that count 13MP.

Unfortunately, like many Vibes before it, the Vibe X2 Pro won't make it to the US.

Vibe Band VB10

It wouldn't be CES without a wearable announcement, and Lenovo joins the fray with the Vibe Band VB10. The slender device features a 1.43-inch e-ink display and an impressive 7-day battery life.

While it touts some fitness functions like step, sleep and calorie tracking, the Vibe Band VB10's main purpose seems to be centered on phone, text and social network notifications. Messages of up to 200 characters are displayed on the 296 x 128 pixel screen.

The VB10 has a few neat tricks, including an IPx7 waterproof rating and the ability to tell you if your phone is too far away, but its limited release (only in Asia) keeps the wearable and its $99 (about £64, AU$122) price tag from being all that appealing.

If you do live in Asia, look for the Vibe Band VB10 in April.

Selfie flash

Selfie time!

Lenovo's last mobile announcement fuels the trend we all love to hate. The Vibe Xtension Selfie Flash is a ring of nine LED bulbs that plugs into your phone for the perfectly lit self portrait.

One-hundred percent shutter sync keeps the flash from premature exposures. A single charge can brighten up to 100 selfie.

The Xtension is compatible with the Vibe X2 Pro and other Android phones with compatible software. It's an affordable $25 (about £16, AU$30), though again not available in the US. Look for it sometime this month.

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