iiNet introduces 4G consumer plans

iiNet 4G consumer plans
For $15, you can download emails REALLY fast! Just make sure you don't open too many attachments.

Australia's second largest ISP iiNet is no stranger to 4G, having previously offered 4G plans to businesses. But the company today has announced its consumer offerings, with four different pricing options.

In terms of data, the cheapest plan gives you 200MB of data for $15, while moving up to $30, you get 1.5GB of data.

Both the $45 and $60 plans include 3GB of data, with the latter offering all you can eat talk and text, while the former has $800 of included value.

The lowest, $15 tier also includes $200 of included value, while the $30 has $500 worth of talk and text bundled in.

iiNet on Optus' new TD-LTE?

As iiNet uses Optus' 4G network, the reseller will also use Optus' new TD-LTE network in Canberra in the future.

"iiNet will incorporate this new standard in coming releases of our 4G devices, so our customers can take full advantage of this awesome new technology in the coming months," an iiNet spokesperson told Lifehacker.

Of course, the network will require dual-band devices to work, as most devices and networks in Australia currently run FD-LTE network technology.

Via: LifeHacker