Apple Pay set for mid-2015 launch - if it can win over the big banks

Apple Pay set for mid-2015 launch - if it can win over the big banks
Apple Pay, coming soon

Apple Pay has yet to launch in the UK but rumours are that, with big banking contracts signed, we should see the service come in mid-2015.

According to the Telegraph, Apple has been busy showing off the merits of Apple Pay to the UK's banking sector but negotiations have been trickier than anticipated.

Unnamed sources have indicated that Apple's data mining could be what's stalling talks, given Apple will essentially be collecting a mountain of personal and banking information from all that use the service.

Pay, the Apple way

It is thought that despite this issue, all the major banking groups will sign to the service, after uptake in the US has been strong.

Currently one percent of transactions are being done through Apple Pay in the US. This is some three percent off of Google Wallet but that service launched back in 2011.

Earlier in December, the first signs that Apple Pay was coming to the UK appeared. A job listing for the UK arm of the service appeared but was swiftly taken off of Apple's job board.

With the Apple Watch mooted to launch in early 2015, Apple will be hoping to get Apple Pay into shops as soon as possible.

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