Over half of all Windows 10 PCs now run Fall Creators Update

New data regarding Windows 10 use has revealed how popular the recent major update, known as the Fall Creators Update, has been, with over 50% of Windows 10 devices now running the update.

The usage data comes from AdDuplex, a large cross-promotion network for Windows apps, so is a reliable indicator of what version of Windows 10 people are using.

The Fall Creators Update, which brings many new features to Windows 10, was only released in October and appears to be incredibly popular, with 53.6% of Windows 10 devices using it. This is a large jump over November’s numbers, where only 20% of Windows 10 PCs had it installed.

Fall Creators Update usage

Source: AdDuplex (Image credit: AdDuplex)

Breaking down the stats

The data from AdDuplex gives us some interesting insight into Windows 10 usage. For example, it shows that Western Europe, Canada and the US are the regions that have embraced the Fall Creators Update the quickest, with 60% of PCs now running the update.

Meanwhile users in Africa and South America are upgrading at a slower pace, with only 30% of PCs running the Fall Creators Update so far. This could be because of slower broadband speeds and internet data caps dissuading people from downloading such a large update.

Windows 10 Creators Update, which was released in April, was the second most used version of Windows 10, installed on 33.7% of PCs.

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