Our Xiaomi 12 video review will run you through the new Android in 5 minutes

Xiaomi 12
(Image credit: Future)

We've got a written Xiaomi 12 review, but if you prefer to watch or listen to your information rather than read words, then our new Xiaomi 12 video review is here for you.

This video, presented by Tom Bedford from our phones team (with a really amazing shirt, according to this writer), takes you through all the aspects of the phone in 5 minutes, including its screen, cameras and gaming performance.

The video also points out a few of the issues with the phone, including its software issues and overheating chipset, so it's not just a sizzle reel of "why we like the Xiaomi 12".

You can view the video on YouTube (or above, as we've embedded it in this article). We'd love to hear your thoughts on the phone - is the Xiaomi 12 a big success for the Chinese tech giant, or a misstep in the company's rivalry with Samsung? If you've got a strong opinion on the new phone (or like Tom's shirt) let us know in the YouTube comments section.

Alternatively, if you want, you can treat our Xiaomi 12 video review as a mini-podcast. Admittedly you'll miss out on any footage of the phone, as well as the camera samples (and you won't get to see Tom's funky shirt at all), but we want to cater for all readers, viewers and listeners.

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Tom Bedford

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