Portable CD player sales jump 50 per cent

The portable CD player is still hanging on in there
The portable CD player is still hanging on in there

With the rise and rise of portable MP3 players, you would have though that that death of the portable CD player was inevitable.

Not so, according to recent sales figures, the sale of portable CD players are on the rise by an extraordinary 50 per cent, according to Currys.

The Telegraph has also found that in October alone, 45,000 portable CD players were sold.

Price drop

The reason that portable CD players have kept on selling might have something to do with the significant price drops of the machines.

In the past few years, the price of the devices have dropped over 80 per cent – from around £100 to nearer £15.

Speaking about the CD resurgence, Yvonne Ho, Category Manager of Home Audio at Currys, said: "We have seen quite a sharp rise in the number of portable CD players being purchased compared to this time last year as a result of increasing high demand for low-priced consumer electricals.

"There is definitely still a market for portable CD players particularly at this time of year as they make great stocking fillers for people of all ages and are primarily bought for their ease of use and by the people yet to digitise their music collections."

Marc Chacksfield

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