Optimized Charging feature will make OnePlus phone batteries last longer

(Image credit: OnePlus)

OnePlus has announced a new Optimized Charging feature for its smartphones that will preserve the battery performance in the long-run. The Optimized Charging feature has been created to postpone the rate of battery drain when users plug in their phones to the charger overnight.

Optimized Charging will charge the phone's battery to 80% before temporarily suspending the charging. The phone stays plugged into the charger throughout the night at 80% and detects the user's sleep cycle. The charging resumes 100 minutes before the user's daily wake up time, first alarm or event, and breezes to 100% as they get ready for the day ahead.

OnePlus says that the phone will learn the user's sleeping and wake-up pattern and utilize that information for its Optimized Charging feature. It also aims to reduce the time a phone spends plugged into the charger at 100% charge, which can arguably lead the battery to degrade over a period of time.

How to enable OnePlus Optimized Charging?

Once users enable the Optimized Charging feature on their phones, it will collect data about their daily routine, which is stored on-device. The battery icon on the top will also reflect the Optimized Charging feature once enabled. 

Additionally, for better understanding, a muted notification will also be displayed in the notification drop-down area with a "Continue Charging" toggle to disable Optimized Charging and resume normal charging.

To enable Optimized Charging, follow these steps:

  • Open Settings menu
  • Tap on the Battery option
  • Enable the Optimized Charging toggle

Going forward, OnePlus will continue to develop its Optimized Charging technology to improve the phone's capability to detect sleep patterns in "unconventional" use cases like when changing time zones or even staying up late on weekends. 

Right now, it is unclear which phones will support the Optimized Charging feature. Still, given OnePlus' penchant to support legacy devices, we expect the rollout to cover all the significant phones by the company. 

Siddharth Chauhan
Siddharth Chauhan is the Consumer Technology Reporter at Digit India. He used to work as an Assistant Editor at TechRadar India