Oops! Apple just leaked the MacBook Pro 2016 OLED touch bar

We’ve been hearing about this MacBook Pro 2016 model with an OLED touch bar in lieu of function keys for months, cautiously skeptical – until today. Thanks to some digging from MacRumors, we can see exactly that device and then some.

The outlet claims to have uncovered two typically gorgeous press shots of the brand new MacBook Pro. One details the long-rumored device’s capacitive OLED screen in place of function keys, while the other demonstrates that same tool’s built-in TouchID fingerprint scanner in action.

MacRumors claims to have found the images hidden within within the files containing the recent macOS Sierra 10.12.1 update, and they spoil what’s likely Apple’s headliner for its imminent October 27 event.

What does this mean for October 27?

Sure, this potentially spills the beans on one of Apple’s most anticipated announcements in a long time, thereby standing to dull the reveal a bit. But, honestly, just about every major Apple product since the iPhone has been leaked to the point of it getting tiresome.

Leaks are basically part and parcel with any tech announcement these days, much less Apple’s. So, this news likely has little impact on what goes down on the 27th, and if anything only serves to drum up more excitement.


The surprise, then, will be in how this all functions exactly, which we still don’t know. How many apps does this row of keys adapt to, and are any of them third-party apps? How does TouchID work beyond just the Apple Pay demonstration shown in the image?

How does all of this affect battery life, much less price?

Will the MacBook Pro have a 12-inch MacBook-like keyboard, as MacRumors suspects? Will the device have multiple USB-C ports, and will it be markedly thinner than ever?

See, there are plenty of questions that still go unanswered by these images. The only way to get those answers is to tune in on October 27 starting at 10am PT/1pm ET/7pm BT, and get all of your analysis and other details right here as it happens.

Via The Verge

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