OnePlus confirms it's working on foldable phone software, but don't expect hardware yet

man holding a foldable smartphone
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OnePlus doesn't have a foldable phone in its portfolio, and while it's unlikely we'll see one from the brand in the short term, it is working on the form factor alongside Google.

During an exclusive MWC 2022 media briefing which TechRadar attended, OnePlus Head of OS Product, Gary Chen, confirmed the firm was working alongside the search giant (and Android platform creator).

Chen had previously stated in the briefing that OnePlus was working closely with Google in the development of OxygenOS 13 - the next generation of its smartphone operating system, expected to land on phones later this year.

When quizzed about what the partnership with Google was focused on, one of the main points he revealed was "how to bring new features for foldable devices" to the software platform, along with developing privacy and security features, as well as the overall design of the interface.

Not so fast

This certainly piqued the interest of the group in attendance, but when pushed further on the subject, it doesn’t look like we’ll see a foldable OnePlus phone anytime soon.

"Our collaboration with Google is more visionary, long-term work" Chen explained. Although he didn't rule out the possibility of seeing fruits of this labor in the future, from both OnePlus and parent company Oppo.

Oppo already has a foldable phone on the market in the Oppo Find N, with a 7.1-inch folding display and format factor to rival the Galaxy Z Fold 3. It's only available in China currently, with no word on whether the Find N will find its way into markets around the world.

Press shot of the Oppo Find N from the front and rear

The Oppo Find N is already available in China (Image credit: Oppo)

What this does mean is OnePlus already has direct access to a commercial foldable product and the underlying R&D resources behind it via Oppo - so the foundations are there for a future foldable from the firm.

OnePlus is keen to diversify its portfolio in 2022, and you can expect to see the brand launch a wider range of devices in the next 10 months - there just won't be a foldable in the mix quite that soon.

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