Oculus Go standalone VR headset appears in new photos

Judging from a few photos that are starting to pop up on Reddit and Twitter, the Oculus Go standalone virtual reality headset is making its way out to developers. 

Even better, the photos suggest that the packaging for the device is already finished, suggesting that a public release might be close behind.

Developers Jesper Gaarsdal and Unity Studios excitedly posted tweets of the devices on Wednesday along with photos, as VR and Fun reports, but those tweets rapidly vanished, likely after both received a stern message from Oculus owner Facebook.

The internet being the internet, though, Gaarsdal's photo was rapidly uploaded to Reddit, where speculation rapidly sparked regarding what we could all learn from the seemingly legit packaging.

So far, it doesn't look like much. But here's what we know. According to the box, the Oculus Go – a VR device that doesn't require cords tethered to a PC or a smartphone to function – will support over 1,000 "apps, games and movies" at launch. That's impressive, considering the tricky power demands of a standalone system.

What else we learned

That said, the apps highlighted on the bottom of the box are recognizable though relatively lightweight. The flight simulator Ultrawings is one of the only games listed as an app; most of the rest of the space is devoted to system-friendly apps like Netflix, Hulu, The New York Times and (naturally) Facebook.

In addition, the box prominently announced that the kit is 32GB, which suggests that the Oculus Go might be available in other editions with smaller or larger storage capacities. 

Currently the device is expected to release at some point in "Early 2018," and it will sell for $199 (likely £199/AU$299).

Via UploadVR