What to stream this weekend: Black Widow, Fear Street Part 2 and more highlights

Black Widow
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With so many shows and movies to choose from on Australia's major streaming services, it can often be difficult to find the best new stuff to entertain yourself with each end of week. 

In an effort to make things easier, we've hand-picked the best new shows and movies to watch on Aussie streaming platforms this weekend, covering the likes of Netflix, Disney Plus, Binge, Foxtel Now, Stan, Apple TV Plus and Amazon Prime Video. 

Below, you'll find a list of this weekend's highlights, with binge-worthy new shows sitting alongside some great big-budget new movie arrivals – and a couple of oddball left-of-field entries, just for some variety.

The big new shows and movies this weekend include Marvel's long-awaited Black Widow movie, the middle entry in Netflix's Fear Street horror trilogy and the series premiere of the Gossip Girl reboot/continuation on Binge. Here are our streaming picks for the week of July 9-11, 2021. 

Black Widow

(Movie – available 09/07/21)

Amazon's latest original movie is an epic alien invasion blockbuster starring Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy). If that wasn't enough to sell you on The Tomorrow War, perhaps the premise will – Chris Pratt plays a former soldier and teacher who is drafted into a war that takes place years in the future. The fate of humanity is at stake, and Pratt will have to overcome his past in order to defeat these future invaders.

Stream Black Widow on Disney Plus via Premier Access


(TV Series – episode 5 available 07/07/21)

Several shock moments took place in last week's episode of Loki, including the supposed death of some main characters. We're looking forward to seeing how Loki follows through on those moments... Also, Alligator Loki!

Stream Loki on Disney Plus

Fear Street Part 2: 1978

(Movie – available 02/07/21)

After last week's Scream-inspired '90s slasher entry, Fear Street is taking it back to 1978 for its second part, with a Friday the 13th-style camp slasher story starring Sadie Sink of Stranger Things fame. Based on the books by R.L. Stine of Goosebumps fame, Fear Street is more violent and grown up than the writer's usual fare. Don't believe us? Check out the slasherrific trailer above!

Stream Fear Street Part 2: 1978 on Netflix

Gossip Girl

(TV Series– available 08/07/2021) 

Years after the original Gossip Girl website was closed, a new generation of private school kids in New York enter the world of blog-exposed scandals when a new student is thrust into the spotlight, causing Gossip Girl to re-emerge and start spilling everyone's most intimate secrets.

Stream Gossip Girl on Binge

Run the World: Season finale

(TV Series – available 11/07/2021) 

The first season of the Stan-exclusive series Run the World comes to a close this weekend, with several truths revealed in the last episode. Meanwhile, Ola visits Whitney as she prepares for her bachelorette party, and we imagine that will lead to quite the conversation.

Stream Run the World on Stan


(TV Series – episode 6 available 09/07/2021)

Just as Sheila (Rose Byrne) has been given the green light to make a proper exercise video after her disastrous first attempt, attention is once again diverted back to Danny (Rory Scovel), who attempts to fight back against a smear campaign led by John Breem (Paul Sparks).

Stream Physical on Apple TV Plus

American Pie Presents: Girls' Rule

(Movie – available 09/07/2021)

Yes, this is another one of those non-theatrical American Pie spin-off movies that were all the rage around 15 years ago, so it's very likely that this particular pie will be hot garbage. That said, it is nice to finally see a female take on the American Pie formula of horny young people getting mixed up in embarrassing sexual shenanigans.

Stream American Pie Presents: Girls' Rule on Amazon Prime Video

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