New Urbanista Lisbon true wireless earbuds are a functional fashion accessory

The Urbanista Earbuds being worn by a model at the beach
(Image credit: Urbanista)

Urbanista has just launched its latest Lisbon true wireless earbuds. These stylish looking buds promise to combine fashion and function for audiophiles on iOS or Android.

The new Lisbon buds come in a range of stylish color options to choose from: Coral Peach (pastel red), Vanilla Cream (beige), Blush Pink (pink), Mint Green (green) and Midnight Black (black).  Their compact design gives them a snug in-ear fit and with each bud weighing just 4g it’ll be easy to forget you’re wearing them - even if your music is turned all the way up.

Feature wise, they offer good battery life with up to nine hours of continuous use (and up to 27 hours with the portable charging case). They’ll also pair with your Siri or Google voice assistant to give you touch free control of your music.

The only major downside we can see from what’s offered is that the Urbanista Lisbon wireless earbuds don’t offer active noise cancellation; however, given their design, you’ll likely find they offer some kind of isolating effect, even if it's not as strong as active noise cancellation.

The Urbanista Earbuds at the beach in front of the sea

(Image credit: Urbanista)

Listen out

We also can’t speak directly for how well these earbuds will perform. We’ve previously been impressed with Urbanista’s offerings though, last year we gave the Urbanista London buds four out of five stars in our review. 

We’d expect the Lisbon pair to offer a similarly good audio quality, but we’ll have to try them out for ourselves to know for sure. However if audio quality is what you care about most, you'll probably want to check out one of the devices on our best wireless earbuds list.

If you're after a fashionable but functional piece of tech though, you can snag these buds for yourself today from Urbanista’s online store for $49,90 / £49,90 / AU$99.

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