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New Suunto 7 smartwatch combines Wear OS with some top exercise features

The Suunto 7
The Suunto 7 (Image credit: Future)

People who love a good running watch know Suunto well, as the brand puts out some really popular wearables for tracking your exercise, but typically the devices haven't been as great for everyday use. That's set to change though, as the newest device from the brand brings Suunto's top fitness features to a Wear OS watch.

This new device is the Suunto 7, launched at annual trade show CES 2020 in Las Vegas, USA, and it's the first Wear OS watch to come from Suunto. It's still got a lot of the company's DNA in it though, with a range of impressive fitness and workout features you won't get anywhere else.

For example, the Suunto 7 doesn't just have maps, to help you run and track your progress, but also heat maps for 15 of the 70 on-board activities, letting you see where the popular running tracks are so you can follow them (or leave the beaten path behind).

When you're not working out, you can enjoy the fluid Wear OS, Google's operating system that plenty of smartwatches use. It's got a range of lifestyle features like music handling, notifications and access to a dedicated app store.

It's a pretty big watch, but it seems pretty tough too, so it can easily take a beating. Suunto says it's got a battery life 2-3 times the length of a normal Wear OS watch too, so it should be able to stay on your wrist for longer.

We got hands-on with the watch briefly, so check out our initial Suunto 7 review to see what we thought of it. We'll make sure to test the device fully in the future though, 

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