Denon reveals super new IR remote control

The screen on the front of the remote reads song titles etc, from the linked Denon extender

Denon has unveiled what it calls a "highly advanced LCD interactive" remote control. The Denon RC-7000CI is a programmable infra-red (IR) and Zigbee remote that can operate multiple AV devices in your home. What's more, when used with the optional RC-7001RCI base-station extender it can display meta-data on its integrated LCD screen.

Zigbee is a low-powered radio transmission method similar to Bluetooth . In this case, it enables you to use the remote in any room because it doesn't require line of sight like infra-red does.

The screen on the front of the remote reads song titles etc from the linked Denon component so you can see details of and control your iPod, PC or hard drive music on the handset. It also lets anyone easily customise device settings, rename sources or perform other operations via a PC.

If you're lucky enough to be able to have a 16-zone multiroom set-up, then the Denon RC7000CI can control each and every one of them.

RC-7000CI Handset- £199.99

  • Pre-programmed IR Remote Control
  • PC programmable for total customisation
  • 2-way communication for media browsing (*1)
  • Wireless RF multi-room control (*1)
  • Built-in USB connector
  • Web updateable IR codes via USB from one of the world's largest IR databases
  • Web upgradable Firmware via USB
  • Supplied PC application for RC-7000CI
  • The RC-7000CI Editor enables editing and customisation of an RC-7000CI
  • Save and load remote data on a PC

RC-7001RCI Base-Station, Extender and IR Blaster - £139.99

  • RF to IR Base Station with included IR flashers
  • Out of Line-of-sight control - RF and IR Addressable
  • Enables 2-way communication with select Denon products, including volume, surround mode and full meta-data of connected iPod, Internet Radio etc
  • Multi-room operation is possible by adding extra RC-7000CI and RC-7001RCI.
  • Adding RC-7001RCI can extend the distance of RF communication (*3)
  • Up to 16 RC-7001RCI units can be used
  • Simple application for small to middle installations
  • Just add RC-7000CI and RC-7001RCI in each zone
  • - Low cost installation - no wiring for each zone control
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