Online community to troubleshoot PS3 problems

Visitor to Sony's PlayStation 3 site can get their questions answered automatically - thanks to clever software

Sony has announced that it's using Transversal's "intelligent web self-service" software to support the launch of its PlayStation 3 games console on Friday. The service will provide customers with fast and accurate answers to their questions via the internet.

Transversal's Metafaq software is apparently also helping Sony build self-sufficient customer community forums, where users can easily share their knowledge and help each other.

The official PlayStation 3 website is already using Transversal's technology to answer 96 per cent of online customer enquiries automatically, including thousands of PS3 related questions prior to the launch. Sony says that 47 per cent of customer contact is being handled online through Transversal's web self-service. Consumers can also contact Sony Computer Entertainment UK (SCEUK) through email and instant messenger chat facilities on its website.

"The advanced technologies of the PlayStation 3 are designed to be exceptionally intuitive and easy to use. However, as the console is a networked device allowing both wired and wireless connectivity, users may require assistance on router configuration and have general network queries," said Andy Barker, Director of Customer Services for Sony in the UK .

Strength in numbers

"As it is impossible for our contact centre staff to be technical experts on every third party router available, we are encouraging our customers to share their knowledge and expertise through online communities and Transversal is helping enable us to do this. This will enhance the overall customer experience and enable them to get the most of out of the breakthrough functionality within the PS3."

In addition to placing substantial information online, PS3 customers can get technical support over the phone or via the visual step-by-step set-up tutorials contained within every console. By facilitating online user-communities, Transversal's system has permitted SCEUK to provide customers with greater choice in the way they receive service.

"Good customer service is always important, but within the context of a major product launch it is vital," said Davin Yap, CEO at Transversal.

"Transversal has been part of Sony Computer Entertainment UK's service proposition for four years and we are very excited to be helping Sony support such an innovative and advanced product.

"The scope and size of queries answered by Sony Computer Entertainment UK's website is a great example of how Transversal can aid and improve an organisation's customer service by providing fast, accurate answers to queries."

James Rivington

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