4G at centre of Vodafone's investment in 'seamless' network

4G at centre of Vodafone's investment in 'seamless' network
Vodafone - investing heavily

Vodafone UK has announced that it will be making a massive new investment in its infrastructure ahead of the launch of its 4G network in the summer.

The British network will spend £900m to bring together its fixed and mobile infrastructure - hoping to provide its customers and businesses with a better service.

The stated goal is to create a seamless network that will allow users to switch between fixed and mobile, something that would be a real boon.

Cable & Wireless

As part of this plan Vodafone snapped up Cable & Wireless Worldwide for £1 billion in 2012, and is hoping that its improvements will allow more of us to work from any location.

Of course, the biggest factor is the arrival of 4G, the next generation mobile network which will bring much better data speeds and compete with an existing network from EE as well as the other major networks.

The investment is certainly significant, although Vodafone's competitors are of course also paying out to make their networks ready for the next generation.

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