More people are using Windows 10 than ever before

It appears that Windows 10 is continuing to grow in popularity, with recent figures showing that 34.92% of PC users are running the operating system.

The figures come courtesy of Netmarketshare, a company that tracks what operating systems people use on the internet. While the company can't determine the operating system of every laptop or desktop PC in the world, it at least gives us an idea of how well operating systems are doing.

With Windows 10 hitting its largest market share ever, Microsoft will surely be pleased.

Windows 7 hangs on

However, despite Windows 10 growing in popularity, according to Netmarketshare, Windows 7 remains the most popular operating system for PCs.

Microsoft may be struggling to convince those users to upgrade, but it should at least take comfort in the fact that it’s still clearly in the lead when it comes to desktop and laptop operating systems, with the Windows platform as a whole being used by 88.53% of users. Meanwhile, Apple’s range of macOS operating systems are a distant second at 8.75%, and Linux third with 2.27%.

It’s worth noting that this is just from statistics recorded by a single company. Earlier this year we reported that Statcounter found that Windows 10 has surpassed Windows 7 users.

The truth may lie somewhere between these two results, but what’s clear is that Windows 10’s user base continues to grow, and that Apple, Linux and Chome OS devices still have a long way to go to topple Microsoft’s dominance.

Via Windows Report

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