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Sony Ericsson's new handset / wife: Filippa

The Filipa - Sony Ericsson's new model
The Filipa - Sony Ericsson's new model

You know those chaps at Sony Ericsson, not only do they love to constantly leak out forthcoming phones, they love to give them women's names, so let's say hello to the Filippa.

Fine then Sony Ericsson, let's pretend Filippa actually is a person and see what she would be like eh?

She's a lovely little model, in a slim chassis, and holds a 5MP camera in a nice and seductive manner (on her back).

Her front is all scratch resistant, thanks to being covered in mineral glass (possibly from an accident in a glass-blowing factory?)


A small slot in her side lets you put in new media via an M2 card (ouch), but her eyes could light up a room.

Literally, thanks to the camera flash and the illuminated imaging shortcuts.

She's not got a lot of memory thanks to the early incident in the glass factory (only 140MB inbuilt... poor thing) but can detect faces with ease and can even fix photos.

She loves YouTube so much she'll let you upload and download anything you want just by pressing her in the right place... OK, this is getting silly now. You can't upload to YouTube from a woman, or a man.

Sorry about the pictures people, we usually like to bring you clean images, but it seems some people like to get a bit too watermark happy these days.