Jabra's new crystal clear car speakerphone

Jabra's new car speakerphone - no more looking like Nathan Barley in the car
Jabra's new car speakerphone - no more looking like Nathan Barley in the car

Jabra has just posted details of the new SP700 speakerphone. It clips to your car's sun-visor and transmits calls via your FM radio, to keep the eagle-eyed motorway police (and other drivers) happy that you are using your phone sensibly (not to mention legally) in the car.

The new Jabra speakerphone, pictured here, features an intuitive 'voice' option and is described as a "stylish alternative for those who aren't keen on traditional headsets."

As well as taking calls via your FM radio/speakerphone set-up, you can also choose to stream music from your mobile via your car stereo.

Power off, Dave

The voice feature will 'tell' you when your speakerphone status changes (and is available in 10 languages) so the device will announce instructions such as 'power off', 'the caller's number' and 'connected'.

Excellent audio quality is promised via the advanced DSP noise reduction and echo cancellation tech "that ensures crystal clear sound quality for both the caller and the user" while "distracting background noise is cleverly blocked out while the caller's voice is digitally enhanced for good reception."

With up to 14 hours talk time, 255 hours standby time, and a remarkably good price at a shade under fifty quid, the Jabra SP700 could well be the answer to your in-car calling needs.

We'll be testing one out shortly, so stay tuned for more reports on that promised 'crystal clear sound quality' as soon as we've given one a run for its money.

Adam Hartley