Minor Windows Phone 7 update hits, bricks Samsung handsets

The Samsung Omnia 7 has been struggling with the OS update
The Samsung Omnia 7 has been struggling with the OS update

Microsoft has announced that its first Windows Phone 7 OS update has begun rolling out, but it doesn't bring all the juicy copy and paste goodness that we've been waiting for.

The update is designed to improve the update process itself – how meta – so while it doesn't directly offer you copy and paste, Microsoft hopes you'll be happy in the knowledge that it will help you get the copy and paste update in the future.

Once they have received the update notification, Windows Phone users will have to connect their handsets to a PC or Mac and follow the onscreen instructions to install it.

Update upsets

Unfortunately, it hasn't been smooth sailing for this incremental improvement; a number of Samsung Omnia 7 users have experienced problems installing the handset.

These range from the back-up freezing to completely locked-out handsets, with some users finding their handsets have been utterly bricked and are unusable.

The Windows Phone support team is aware of the issues and is looking into what's going on; one support worker named Diego T. posted that a battery pull reset should at least return the phone to a usable state, with a hard reset to factory defaults as a last resort.

Hang tight

This may help some users whose update process becomes stuck, but those whose phones are completely unusable are still at sea.

Diego T. also writes, "I wouldn't really worry about not being able to update right now. We are working on it, and yes, we are finding some patterns that we are expect to solve soon

"This is a minor update, you are not missing any new features, so if you can't update now don't stress.

"Please revert phone to original state (no need to hard reset) and wait couple of days until potential issues are solved, and you will be able to get the update

"If you had troubles updating I wouldn't really mess with it... in this unexpected state you might end with a brick phone and that would be a bigger problem."

Via WinRumours and Neowin

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