London Eye planning big tech advances

London Eye introduces tablets to its capsules
Tablets just the start?

The London Eye is exploring new technical opportunities to offer people a more interactive visit, with mobile applications next in line for the giant wheel following the installation of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 units.

The proposed apps will provide audio guides for visitors to the Eye, but with a twist. They'll be talked through the skyline by various experts, including a photographer, who will provide useful suggestions on taking great snaps while on your rotation and a writer giving their take on the London Eye experience.

The apps are expected to launch at the end of February and will initially be free. After the trial period is over, the apps will come at a cost (on top of your entry ticket), albeit a small one, with a figure of 49p being quoted.

The apps will be available across multiple platforms, allowing a wide range of users the chance to take advantage of the new feature.

Free surfing for all

As a continued commitment to technological advances, free public access WiFi will be available at the ground level concourse surrounding the Eye by the end of January. This will allow visitors to surf the web freely, which sounds like a great idea for anyone stuck in the long ticket queue.

Samsung and the London Eye have talked about their partnership, which has seen the inclusion of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices installed in all of the 32 capsules, hinting that this is just the start with further innovations later this year.

Both have promised special features for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics, so it's likely the in-capsule tablet experience will be tweaked to coincide with these events.

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