Kindle Fire's Silk browser adds Trending Now, will track user behavior

Silk Browser
Amazon's Silk adds Trending Now, will know what you're looking for before you do

Amazon's Kindle Fire HD isn't the only upgrade the company is making to their proprietary products.

Along with their new tablet, Amazon is introducing an updated version of their Silk browser.

Not only will Silk receive faster page load speeds, better HTML5 support, and an improved start-up page, but the browser will also gain a new, potentially revolutionary feature.

Dubbed "Trending Now," the behind-the-scenes feature will analyze user trends from anyone using the browser to discover web pages and content that is currently seeing high volumes of traffic.

With this, Amazon hopes to deliver breaking or newsworthy content to you before you even know you want it.

Both the new Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HD will get the new version of the Silk browser.

In addition to searching the most-visited content across the entire browser network, Trending Now will also be able to pre-cache your favorite pages.

Silk is a cloud-based web browser, so knowing where you're going and where you've been will allow Silk to find and prepare the most current version of the pages you like visiting ahead of time.

In a 2011 video, Amazon described what they hoped to accomplish with Silk.

"You can think of Amazon Silk as a small store for files you access. What we have done is create a limitless cache used to render the web pages you view every day. It does not take a single byte of storage on the device itself."

Though some may view this as a bit of an invasion to their privacy, Silk doesn't appear to track personal information outside of your web surfing habits.

There's no word as to whether or not the Trending Now feature can be turned off, but we've reached out to Amazon, and will update this article accordingly when we hear back.

Via TechCrunch