Pixel Qi's dual-mode LCD/e-paper displays out soon

Notion Ink's Adam tablet PC makes use of Pixel Qi screen tech

Pixel Qi's intriguing 'dual-mode' screen tech, which allows users to switch between a traditional backlit LCD and an e-paper style screen, will soon be available in retail products according to the company.

Various manufacturing delays have now been fixed, and Pixel Qi's CEO has said they are now ready to sell their new tech to 'some of the largest computer companies in the world.'

Notion Ink's Adam tablet PC

Pixel Qi's tech is set to be used in the Notion Ink Adam tablet PC, which we hopefully should hear more about soon. TechRadar has put in calls to contacts at Notion Ink to see if they have any updated plans for a commercial release of the Adam tablet in the near future.

Pixel Qi also recently inked a deal with OLPC to be that organisations tech partner, providing them with their screens for new educational laptops for use in primary schools in the developing world.

Pixel Qi CEO Mary Lou Jepsen notes this week that manufacturing is now at a level where they can deal with the "strong pull from the some of the largest computer companies in the world."

Pixel Qi's partner for its DIY display kit is also set to be announced shortly with the kit set to feature "wider viewing angle technology."

Via Pixel Qi