Latest MacBook leak points to a Touch ID power button


There's been a big lull in new MacBook news for the last few weeks, but now a new report has completely laid out how Apple's next laptop lineup will look.

A new 9to5Mac report claims that next generation MacBooks will launch later this fall with new features including a Touch ID integrated power button. While these Touch ID has been rumored since May, there haven't been any specifics on how it would be adapted to the MacBook family.

Integrating it into the power button would make using it intuitive as users already have to press the switch with their fingers and it would remove the step of having to sign in with a password or pin-code.

The only potential wrinkle in this prediction is the fact that MacBooks haven't had a dedicated power button for years now. Instead, you'll find it relegated to the small corner of the standard keyboard.

The MacBook Pro has also been rumored to shake things up with a touch-sensitive OLED panel, thinner design, and only come with USB-C ports. If the purported feature set is true, this year could see the most revolutionary laptops Apple has created since the thin and light Retina makeover.

Apple purportedly plans on realigning its laptop line up by bumping down the MacBook Air as an entry level machine and introducing a 13-inch MacBook in its place while launching newer and thinner MacBook Pros.

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Kevin Lee

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