Meet NXTVISION, TCL's TV technology finding its way to smartphone AMOLED screens

TCL 10 Pro curved AMOLED screen
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Display Greatness, the mission of TCL’s smartphone line, may seem bold for a company that has only just begun releasing its own branded phones. However, building upon its success in the TV market and its proprietary advanced display engine, NXTVISION, it’s a promise TCL seems more than able to keep.

 TCL enters the smartphone market 

Side by side of TCL 10 L and TCL 10 Pro

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"As one of the world's largest consumer electronics brands, TCL has built a solid reputation based on the philosophy that products can be affordable without sacrificing features or quality, and we have applied this same philosophy to the TCL 10 Pro and 10L in North America," said Eric Anderson, Senior Vice President and General Manager of TCL Communication. "Our long history of manufacturing mobile devices, along with our vast ecosystem of products and display-manufacturing expertise, help us create a unique product experience that thrills and excites consumers while still offering affordable solutions and options."

That’s a hefty promise, but as the number one TV brand in China and the number two TV brand worldwide, TCL knows a thing or two about display technology. So, it should come as no big surprise that TCL’s smartphone AMOLED screens offer an incredible picture. A big part of what drives that picture is NXTVISION, TCL’s proprietary advanced display and camera visual technology.


TCL 10 Pro curved AMOLED Screen

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Simply put, NXTVISION is the visual enhancing technology behind TCL’s smartphones. Developed in-house to work with TCL’s displays and cameras, NXTVISION does the heavy lifting both when creating and displaying visual content. NXTVISION works in two big ways: display enhancement and camera enhancement, both of which are handled seamlessly in real time. Although it has been featured in TCL’s Plex, 10L and 10 Pro smartphones, the 10 Pro’s curved AMOLED screen is where NXTVISION really shines.

TCL 10 Pro

TCL 10 Pro quad cameras

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The TCL 10 Pro is the company’s first smartphone to feature a curved AMOLED screen and one of two TCL branded phones available in North America. Hardware-wise, the TCL 10 Pro features a 6.47-inch FHD+ display, an impressive 398 PPI, and a 93% screen-to-body ratio. It utilizes quad rear cameras that weigh in at 64MP (high-res), 16MP (super wide), 5MP (macro), and 2MP (super low light). These cameras are capable of taking incredible photos and recording stunning 4K videos. On top of that, the 24MP front-facing camera delivers great selfies, while also working in real time to adjust the display to both the brightness and color temperature of your surroundings. The TCL 10 Pro offers all of this for under $500, living up to the company’s promise of offering affordability without sacrificing features and quality.

SDR to HDR Real-time conversion

Camera sample from TCL 10 Pro of purple pansies

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One of the best demonstrations of NXTVISION’s power is in the real-time SDR to HDR conversion. NXTVISION will enhance photos and videos, providing clarity, contrast, and brilliant, true to life colors. This brings out all the little details often lost on the screens of our smartphones. When taking photos and recording video, NXTVISION can enhance content in real time making all those crisp details really pop.

Because NXTVISION’s real-time SDR to HDR conversion applies to both the cameras and the display, this means it can improve the quality of the pictures and videos you personally take, as well as other pictures and videos you view on your phone.

Netflix HDR10 certified

Netflix on the TCL 10 Pro

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With more and more people streaming videos to their smartphones and all of the major streaming services offering HDR10 content, it is understandable that the number of smartphones capable of streaming HDR10 content has increased dramatically over the past few years. This is an arena for which TCL is more than prepared. After all, who better to develop hardware and software for video than a massively successful television company? 

As would be expected, NXTVISION is also the driving force behind TCL’s HDR10 certification from Netflix. Whether streaming from Netflix, Amazon, or any of the other services offering HDR content, the rich colors and sharp contrasts on the TCL 10 Pro’s AMOLED screen make for an impressive viewing experience.

Mission success

TCL 10 Pro quad cameras

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“It has been our focus to grow TCL into one of the leading consumer electronics brands worldwide, and with the expansion of our product portfolio offering best-in-class TVs, audio products and now mobile devices, we’re well on our way to achieving this,” said Kevin Wang, CEO of TCL Industrial Holdings. “With our unique mix of manufacturing expertise and vertical integration, TCL can now offer a full ecosystem of products, while looking into a future that will create a fully integrated and connected experience for our customers.”

While the smartphone market may be saturated with devices featuring quad cameras, AMOLED screens, and capable of displaying HDR10 content, the TCL 10 Pro is certainly a contender. It delivers crisp and rich visuals, bringing out the best in your photos and videos in real time. NXTVISION enables the cameras and display to work together to adjust to light changes rapidly, while also offering settings to cut back on blue light by more than 72%. As great as the TCL10 Pro is, it is surely the first of many to come with a curved AMOLED screen powered by NXTVISION.

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