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Leaked Walmart Black Friday Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox deals are almost certainly bogus

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Here at TechRadar, we've always got our eye on the latest tech, gadget and gaming prices from the biggest and best retailers. So when it comes to the upcoming Walmart Black Friday deals event, we've got a pretty good idea of what to expect based on prices earlier in the year and of course from our year-on-year coverage of Black Friday as a whole.

So when we saw a supposed leak from a Walmart Black Friday printed catalog (via Cheap Ass Gamer) we were initially excited to see what might lie ahead. Unfinished page art aside, the first few deals looked entirely plausible, but as your eyes scroll further down it becomes apparent that this information is most likely bogus. Take a look.

Walmatt black friday ps4 xbox one nintendo switch

(Image credit: CheapAssGamer)

Are these Walmart Black Friday deals legit?

Those Nintendo Switch prices? Not. A. Chance.

Nintendo Switch bundle prices in the US rarely dip below MSRP and bundled games at a discount have been pretty much none existent all year. At most, we've seen about $20 off the console price via a retailer discount code. Nintendo knows all too well that these consoles will fly off shelves regardless of the price between November and December as the Switch was the most in-demand item of the holidays last year and it was the most searched for item in the Amazon Prime Day sale this summer. 

We'd be shocked to see $50 off the price, never mind $100. As for the Switch Lite prices, it's still super new and we just don't see 25% coming off that price any time soon. When the big shopping event does finally arrive though, we'll be rounding up all the best offers from all the best US retailers on our Nintendo Switch Black Friday guide.

We've already got PS4 Black Friday deals on the brain too, and the 'leaked' deals above for the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro actually look like reasonable shouts if we do say so a tad optimistically.

With the PS5 coming in a year's time, most people that want a PS4 probably already have one, so prices are going to have to be pretty low to attract the stragglers. PS4 bundles with one game have been awkwardly hovering around the $250 mark for a few years now, so $150 for the solus console seems like a good shout as does the $299 price for a PS4 Pro. Although we think it's more likely we'll see $50 come off the MSRP, but maybe with a free game thrown in too.

Microsoft will inevitably be limping to the finish line again this year, but hopefully, we'll see some improved Xbox One X bundles. As for that supposed $150 deal on the All-Digital Xbox One, that's the price the disc-driveless console should have launched at in the first place. We firmly believe you'll be able to pick up a proper fully-functional Xbox One deal on Black Friday with a newish game for around that much anyway.

Walmart recently asked the poster on CheapAssGamer to take down the image as they were, of course, keen to deny its plausibility:

"I can confirm this is not Walmart’s Black Friday ad. We haven’t released our ad yet, but stay tuned! We’re excited about all we have to offer Black Friday shoppers.” - Tara House, Walmart, Via CAG.

To be fair, the image is clearly unfinished and looks more like a rough draft (or you'd certainly hope so). And naturally, Walmart would want to try and keep its plans under wraps for a while yet so the competition don't know what to counter with. If it is a leak of some sorts though we'd take the prices with a huge pinch of salt as they may just be placeholders while the final layout is approved, especially those wild Nintendo Switch ones. We'd love to be wrong though, a $199 Nintendo Switch would be Walmart's greatest ever Black Friday deal.